A new P.F.A. Little Red Book 30-minute

meeting is starting on Friday mornings

7:30-8:00am Brisbane time (5:30-6:00am

Perth time, Thursday 5:30-6:00pm USA

time), commencing on the 4/5th of April.

Welcome for all to join. Announce until 15 May 2024

P.F.A. Committees – P.F.A. VOICE,

P.F.A.I.C. aka Fun Committee, P.I.

Committee, P.F.A. Archives, P.F.A. Web –

have created a service position

for Committee Members and would like

to invite members to nominate. They

are looking for multiple members to join

the committees in this position. This

position requires 3 months abstinence to

attend committee meetings and 6 months

abstinence to vote. The term for

the position is 1 year. For members

interested in nominating for this position

please email the prospective committee.

(G.S.R. to provide email addresses and

upcoming meeting dates upon request). Announce after each G.S.R. Area Assembly bi-monthly meeting (upcoming meeting dates listed below)


Committee Next Meeting Frequency

P.F.A.W.S. 14/15 April 2024 7:30am Brisbane time Monthly

P.F.A.G.S. 19/20 June 2024 7:30am Brisbane time (5/6 June P.F.A.G.S. manual pre-editing committee 7:30am Brisbane time) Typically, tri-monthly

Archives 18/19 May 2024 7:45am Brisbane time Bi-annually

Web 25/26 May 2024 7:45am Brisbane time Monthly (typically)

P.F.A. VOICE (incl.

P.F.A.I.C. and P.I.) 17/18 May 2024 7:45am Brisbane time As needed according to publishing schedule

G.S.R. Area Assembly 10/11 May 2024 7:45am Brisbane time Bi-monthly

P.F.A. email addresses wso@pfaws.org pfags@pfaws.org archives@pfaws.org web@pfaws.org pfavoice@pfaws.org pfaconventions@pfaws.org gsr@pfaws.org

Updated 26.3.24