7th Tradition Contributions

Making a Financial Contribution to Processed Food Anonymous

The Seventh Tradition of Processed Food Anonymous states:

“Every P.F.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

The Seventh Tradition is essential at every level of P.F.A. service. It is both a privilege and a responsibility for members of P.F.A. to contribute to the 7th Tradition covering not only their group’s rent and expenses but, also P.F.A.’s World Services, and General Services; taking into consideration, P.F.A. does not accept donations from non-members.

In making a contribution, either for yourself, or on behalf of another P.F.A. member you are confirming this contribution is wholly and solely for the purpose of upholding P.F.A.’s 7th Tradition as stated above. Additionally, upholding Tradition Five,– ‘Each group has but one primary purpose –– to carry its message to the processed food addict who still suffers.’ protects P.F.A. from any outside influences that might divert us (P.F.A.) from our primary purpose.

Each P.F.A. member decides on the amount of their contribution – as little or as much as they are able to, taking into account the P.F.A. members contribution is secondary to the spiritual connection that globally unites all P.F.A.’s groups thus upholding one of P.F.A’s four legacies – Unity.

Contributions are divided via an 80:20 Distributions Plan:

  • Eighty percent goes towards Processed Food Anonymous World Service (P.F.A.W.S.):
  • Covering expenses related to event venue costs, conference calls, website maintenance, literature supply, regular communication between groups, conducting meetings via digital platforms and public information.
  • Twenty percent goes towards Processed Food Anonymous General Services (P.F.A.G.S.):
  • Covering expenses related to the annual P.F.A. General Service Conference; the publication process of the P.F.A.G.S. manual presented in an e-book format and P.F.A.G.S. hard copy conference material.

To make a contribution to P.F.A.’s 7th Tradition, please find P.F.A.’s banking details below:

BSB 124 017

Account number 23494446

Account name Processed Food Anonymous

Individual Member’s contributions not to exceed $10 000.00 annually.

To review P.F.A.’s 7th Tradition Contribution pamphlet please click here.