To help answer this question, ask yourself the following questions and answer them as honestly as you can.

  1. Do you believe that on some level (one day) you will gain control and enjoy ingesting processed food?
  2. Do you often hide what you eat or disguise the amount you ingest?
  3. Are you baffled as to why you are successful in many ways, yet seem to have a total inability to manage the amount of processed food you ingest?
  4. Even though you know the consequences, you cannot ‘stay’ stopped when it comes to ingesting processed food?
  5. Do you find once you ‘stop’ ingesting processed food, you experience withdrawal symptoms such as feeling depressed, anxious, irritable or angry, which can ONLY be relieved by going back and ingesting more processed food?
  6. Do you find all is well, then out of the blue you are compelled to ingest processed food, and before you know it, you have taken that first bite again and cannot stop?
  7. Have you substituted other substances such as diet sodas, gum or sweeteners, diet pills, nicotine, narcotics, alcohol, etc.…. to ‘manage or control’ your processed food problem?
  8. Is being thin or losing weight the most important thing in your life above everything else?
  9. Is your work life, home life or life in general becoming unmanageable or out of control?
  10. Do you turn to processed food to manage your life’s ups and downs?